"IOS found me a temp position quickly. They were wonderful and very professional in every manner. They are the best to work for."
Dawn B. – Locust, NC

"My experience with IOS could not have been better. They have always treated me well and found me assignments that suit my background. Thanks for all you do."
Edtha H. – Greenbelt, MD

"My experience with IOS has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Not only have I been placed into positions faster than lightning, the staff is outstanding in everything they do. Thanks!"
Ivanka G. – New Berlin, WI

"I am very pleased with the service I have received from the first time I have worked for IOS. They have made sure I have been happy with any employer I have been placed with. I would recommend anyone."
Laura D. – Blue Springs, MO

"My experience with IOS has exceeded expectations. The staff has been professional and supportive during my entire association. I made an excellent choice in selecting IOS."
Walter R. – Cinnaminson, NJ

"I have been employed with IOS since 2001 and I must say it has been one of the most satisfying careers I have encountered. The dedication of the staff is extraordinary. They go to great lengths to make sure your experience is utilized. The staff has been excellent to work with and you are certainly made to feel like family. I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for everything they have done for me."
David B. – Clarksville, TN

"Working through IOS has proven to be an ideal way to earn extra income in my retirement. Everyone is very professional. Compensation is always on time. I like how the staff stays in touch when you’re on an assignment."
Jordan R. – Scottsdale, AZ

"I feel that the service of IOS has been great. Everyone is courteous and professional."
Joann D. – Winter Garden, FL

"I truly enjoy temping for IOS. The staff is very professional and easy to work with. They have an extensive client base and there always assignments available. Their electronic timesheet system is state-of-the art and very user friendly."
David H. – Villa Park, IL

"I have worked for IOS for many years. I enjoy the freedom of being able to work for many different companies as well as the extensive experience I gain from each and every assignment. IOS is a great company to work for. The staff is always looking out for my best interests. I have a great working relationship with the IOS staff and the clients I work for. It’s exciting to be able to go to a “new” job and meet new people."
Vickie F. – Indianapolis, IN

"I am most pleased with the assistance that I have received from IOS with regard to questions regarding the present and future. All of the employees that I have dealt with have been most helpful and respond to me in a very professional manner. I am proud to be a part of the team"
Donna W. – West Palm Beach, FL

"When I faxed my resume to IOS it was my first experience job hunting through an agency. The response I received was very professional, supportive and encouraging. I have been employed on the same assignment for over 15 months and I am very happy. I highly recommend IOS."
Marieta S. – Hialeah, FL

"It has been a great experience working for IOS. My assignment has been a good opportunity working with great people. The IOS staff has been attentive, courteous and diligent."
Jansey L. – Houston, TX

"IOS didn’t just look at my resume on paper, they looked at me. They made it a very personable experience.” Sidney C. – Lewisville, TX

"IOS makes working as a temp easy. Online timekeeping is convenient and uncomplicated. Their staff is efficient and professional. I recommend IOS for anyone interested in temporary employment." Richard T. – Denver, CO

"IOS has been very helpful to me. I have had a few good assignments and the last one landed me a job. I appreciate the assistance."
Phyllis S. – Baltimore, MD

"I have been employed by IOS since 1999. I’m very pleased with the assignments. I would like to say thanks to the IOS team."
Latoya H. – Capitol Heights, MD

"I have enjoyed working for IOS. I am on my second assignment and must say it is a “good fit” as was the first one. The staff has been very helpful in my employment placement and as a liaison between me and the client."
Eva B. – Albuquerque, NM

"I appreciate the opportunity to thank IOS and their staff for making this an extremely pleasant experience. Based on information given to me by other temps, I am very lucky to be temping for such a great company. I send a very special thanks to the staff members who have gone beyond their job duties and excel in customer relations."
Thomas M. – Lebanon, TN

"I felt the staff at IOS recognized my experience and skills which resulted in helping me find a position I truly enjoyed."
Helen H. – Macedonia, OH

"Two years of steady, trouble free work as been great. The automated reporting system is convenient."
Mark B. – Annapolis, MD

"After a seven year period of being home with my children, I couldn’t get hired. With 18 years in the insurance industry, I know I could be an asset to some organization. IOS was able to place me with a company that fit my background and personality. Their ability to sell my skills helped me get a job offer!"
Christine D. – Fishers, IN

"One and a half years ago, I made the decision to make a career change and felt at loose ends. Once I started working at IOS, I felt I had a purpose again. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. The staff at IOS is friendly, professional and easy to work with. They consider my experience level and preferences. Overall, it has been a position experience!"
Kristine S. – West Linn, OR

"My experience with IOS has been wonderful. The staff has always been so polite and helpful. The turnaround time from my initial interview to the time I was assigned a position was very short. My assignment was well related to my experience and now I’m getting hired! Thank you so much!!!"
Frances H. – Washington, DC

"I am currently on my second assignment and I love working with IOS. IOS is very good at fulfilling my needs as well as the needs of their clients."
Lynn W. – Brentwood, PA

"I would not sure any company but IOS. They always have an assignment for me. They are great to work with!"
Fran W. – Vallejo, CA

"It is my pleasure to express my thanks and appreciation for the courtesy and professionalism that has been shared with me by the staff of IOS. Without exception, questions or concerns are addressed promptly. The IOS staff has been instrumental in making my current temporary assignment a pleasure."
Vikki G. – Fair Oaks, CA

"I have worked with IOS for the past 2 ½ years. I have always received a professional and friendly approach and service from the IOS staff. Thank you for your excellent work and support."
Sara K. – Brampton, Ontario

"I have found IOS very helpful in securing a job. I would recommend IOS as the best way to find either a temporary or permanent job."
Linda K – West Chester, OH

"I have been working for IOS for the past 10 years and I can honestly say that the staff has always been professional and courteous."
Charletta T. – Chesterfield, MO

"IOS is a wonderful company to work for. The staff is very pleasant to work with and very efficient. They offer very competitive salaries."
Juanadyne P. - DeSoto, TX

"The IOS manager and staff are courteous, friendly and professional. I highly recommend and am thankful to IOS."
Esther D. – Brooklyn, NY

"During my approximate 3 years with IOS, the office staff has always been professional, courteous and responsive to my requests and inquiries. In addition, I have also been treated with respect as an insurance professional."
Darryl F. – Anaheim Hills, CA

"IOS has always been able to place me in jobs suitable to my experience and knowledge. I have been very pleased to work for IOS and have learned more by working on long term assignments."
Edwin A. – Brooklyn, NY

"People at IOS are professional, kind and considerate. They’ve provided great service and have looked after both my wants and needs. I’ve enjoyed working with the friendly staff. Thank you, IOS!"
Jenny E. – Scarborough, Ontario

"I have been employed by IOS off and on since 1994. My employment experiences have been positive and enjoyable throughout the years. The IOS staff has always been professional, courteous and helpful. I consider many of them like family members! The recruiters, payroll department and benefits department are more than competent in providing a positive employment experience."
Deborah L. – Studio City, CA

"I have been lucky enough to work for IOS for almost 2 years. I have learned a lot from the assignments and have been pleased with the pay rates and locations. I would, and have, referred friends to IOS. Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me."
David T. - Phoenix, AZ

"Since joining IOS in 1999, I have had nothing but positive experiences. The assignments are just what I expect, the paychecks are always on tem and correct and the IOS staff are a joy to deal with."
Sheryl M. – Corona, CA

"Working for IOS has been a great experience. If I have any questions or comments, I get a fast and courteous response."
Kem D. – Canal Winchester, OH

"Thank you to the IOS staff, the finest group of people to work for. The staff members always came by or called my assignment to see how things were going. My job assignments were great and steady employment. I relocated and IOS had an assignment waiting for me the next day. I would recommend IOS to anyone looking for stress free employment."
Doris P. – Overland Park, KS

"I was recently welcomed back to IOS after 2 – 3 years. The staff still expresses their unique compassion and professionalism. I am truly proud to refer my friends to become part of the IOS family. IOS, you’re the GREATEST!"
Ternice T. – Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you! IOS is truly a hard working company committed to making our lives much easier! Fantastic, A+, Professional."
Joyce E. – Brooklyn Center, MN

"I love the flexibility and work environments that IOS provides. My last position was one I never would have found without being placed as a temp first. IOS was like working with family – they truly cared for my welfare."
Donna F. – Lakeville, MN

"In today’s society, finding employment can be challenging. It is important to evaluate the company as well as giving the company the opportunity to evaluate you as an employee. IOS makes that a possibility."
Pamela W. – Richmond, VA

"My experience working with IOS has been great. I am very pleased. The staff is very helpful and professional. IOS have given me the opportunity to expand my skills and learn more during my assignments. IOS works hard to keep their employees happy."
Tamisha T. – Pittsburgh, PA

"IOS has a courteous, friendly and helpful staff. I am able to continue my career as an Insurance Adjuster. Also, I appreciate the paychecks being mailed to me on time."
Robert F. – West Chester, OH

"IOS found several good temporary jobs for me and then found me the perfect part time job. The entire staff was very professional and fun to work with. Thanks, IOS."
Carol D. – Canby, OR

"My experience working for IOS has been very positive and rewarding. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They are helpful and attentive in addressing requests and providing pertinent information. They always go the extra distance to ensure the working atmosphere is as pleasant and fulfilling as possible. I am very satisfied and would recommend IOS!"
Henry M. – Lawrenceville, NJ

"The IOS assignments that I have been on have bee great. Temping has given me the opportunity to work flexible short term and long term assignments with out the commitment and stress associated with a permanent claims job. The money is good, too!"
Michelle K. – Framingham, MA

"I have been extremely fortunate working steadily with IOS for 3 ½ years. I recommend IOS to everyone I know. The IOS staff has always been very friendly, courteous and professional."
Darlene Y. – Hartford, CT

"I struggled with finding full time employment after working for the same company for 25 years. I had the experience of working with IOS for 7 months. I really enjoyed the jobs I was given. I had the chance to work with some really good people. I was hired on full time permanent with the last client. I am very thankful and glad to have worked for IOS. In addition to having a paycheck, I was able to secure medical and dental insurance!"
Jacque S. – Columbus, OH

"IOS is a team of caring people who really took the time and interest in getting the best employment opportunity for me in a short period of time. I am very satisfied with the assignments and money."
Jackie B. – Weston, FL

"The IOS Atlanta office has been there with me through thick and thin. They have always supported me and my decisions as an employee. I have signed up with other temporary placement agencies in the insurance industry and IOS is the only company that has come through for me. I have been working with IOS since March 2002 and still going strong."
Nicole M. – Dacula, GA

"I have been with IOS for many years. I love the freedom that temping provides me. I have always been treated with respect and helpfulness from the staff. The IOS staff has an excellent reputation within the insurance community."
Mary S. – Mukego, WI

"I have been working on various assignments for IOS over the last two years. It has been a great experience for me! It has given me the opportunity to see what it is like to work for a certain organization, without being completely committed to having to work there. IOS gives me exposure to great potential long term opportunities, should I choose to make that commitment."
John C. – San Diego, CA

"IOS provides great assignments with an effortless payroll system and a timely paycheck. The staff is very knowledgeable about the industry and current market conditions."
Darith L. – Vancouver, WA

"Making the transition from the Caribbean to the US has been difficult, but IOS has helped me a lot as they have provided employment in the field I am most familiar with. The service has been good and the staff very approachable and helpful. Thanks, IOS."
Lorna S. – Elmhurst, NY

"I consider IOS the best staffing company around. I have worked with IOS for several years and they have always been very helpful, professional, courteous and most of all, have kept me working!"
Ernestine H. – Lancaster, TX

"I have been with IOS for about 6 month and have had two assignments. The staff worked really hard to get me an assignment as fast as they could and I have loved both positions that I have had. I am currently working for a very good company and I owe it all to IOS. IOS makes sure that not only the client is happy, but also the employee. I would recommend IOS to all my friends."
Latrice B. – Corona, CA

"IOS has been very supportive in landing me great opportunities at highly reputable insurance agencies. IOS is a company that you can rely on. I strongly recommend utilizing IOS’ services to build a better career."
Anthony Y. – Anaheim, CA

"IOS has been a lifesaver for me! IOS can, has and will be around to assist in bridging the gap of employment. They have the inside scoop of employers in need and placement is quick and effortless."
Vandella H. – Nashville, TN

"IOS has provided me with excellent temps and hiring prospects as a manager, and they just placed me in my current management position, which I really love. I don’t know of a better resource for the working insurance industry than IOS."
Robert P. – Simi Valley, CA

"I have been placed in several well paying, long term positions through IOS. The staff has always treated me with kindness and the same respectfulness they show their clients. IOS is the best placement agency I have work with."
Karen P. – Sacramento, CA

"IOS is great! They placed me quickly. Not only did they understand my need to find something ASAP, but also understood what skills the company was looking for."
Angela G. – Jackson, WI

"My experience working with IOS has been outstanding. I was treated with respect. I was very specific about the type of employer I wanted to work with and IOS was able to find the right fit for me. The staff called periodically to check on how I was doing and if I had any concerns. I would definitely recommend IOS."
Anil N. – Burien, WA

"I thank IOS for giving me the opportunity to represent such a truly amazing agency. The staff is friendly, courteous and supportive. I would recommend IOS to anyone."
Shirley R. – Toronto, Ontario

"I have been with IOS since 2003 and have enjoyed working for several insurance carriers. My experience with IOS has been very pleasant. The staff is very helpful and professional. It is a pleasure being associated with such a fine organization."
Judith Z. – Pittsburgh. PA

"Working for IOS over a 2 year period was a most rewarding experience in my 40 years in the insurance industry. The IOS staff has the people skills required to offer assignments that meet their client’s high standards and my background. They are truly professionals in their field."
Ted M. – Houston, TX

"My experience with IOS has been nothing but pleasurable. I found IOS on the internet and was impressed with all the opportunities that were available. Immediately I was placed with a top insurance company with excellent pay. I have always been able to contact the office and speak with a professional and knowledgeable person who is eager to meet my needs. Quality companies deserve quality people and IOS helps the two come together."
Precious L. – Miami, FL

"My experience working for IOS was excellent because I got a job. You guys do a great job! "
Mary Jane E. – Spring Valley, CA

"I had been unemployed for about 3 weeks when IOS contacted me after receiving my resume and got work for me quickly. The staff is great with and everyone is surprised when I tell them IOS contacted me!"
Rosela J. – St. Matthews, SC

"I would like to thank IOS for the wonderful experience. They placed me with an excellent top-notch insurance carrier that matched my skills superbly. I found the personnel at IOS were extremely professional and helpful with any issues that I had. The salary was outstanding and I loved the benefits and accrued vacation time. IOS is the premier route to securing permanent employment by matching the personality and skill level of each individual to the perfect company."
Robert L. – Hayward, CA

"From my initial interview, the staff took an interest in not only my work experience, but my preferences and needs. They were diligent in making sure that not only was I a good fit for the organization, but did that organization offer what I wanted and needed. I appreciate the hard work and hands on guidance IOS has provided."
Kimberly J. – Katy, TX

"The IOS staff is knowledgeable, professional, caring people who provide the best possible service for you, whether it’s securing temp or permanent work. I couldn’t be more satisfied!"
Margie M. – Auburn, WA

"Thanks for all you did to get me a job. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is in search of employment."
Simpy M. – Mississauga, Ontario

"Finding work was as simple as submitting a resume on the IOS website, followed by a short in-office interview. Within days I had a phone call from the friendly and efficient staff letting me know I had options with more than one company! IOS is a first class agency and I highly recommend it to anyone who works in the insurance industry."
Renee P. – Temecula, CA

"My overall experience with IOS has been excellent. They utilized my past work experience and still were able to help me sharpen and refine my skills. I want to thank everyone at IOS for truly helping me advance my career in a very competitive industry."
Anthony S. – Everett, WA

"I’ve been working for IOS for over five years now, and it continues to be a great experience. Most importantly, the IOS staff has always been very helpful and a pleasure to work with."
Bernadette M. – Wallingford, PA

"I would like to thank IOS for believing in me. I was hired (by the client) in less than 30 days which was great. And when I couldn’t work when I was in bereavement and you still contacted me says a lot in itself."
Vida P. – Columbus, OH

"I enjoyed working with IOS for the past three years. They were very professional and found me jobs that challenged my skills. As a result, I gained the right skills to become a manager with my current employer."
John B. - Milford, OH

"I started with IOS in Phoenix. The day I interviewed, the person helping me found me a job. Two weeks later, that company hired me permanently. I have since moved to California and got in touch with the local IOS office. Again, they found me a job at my interview. I believe that because I am flexible about where I work, I’m able to get assignment after assignment. Thank you!"
Mariah M. – Fremont, CA

"My experience working with IOS has been wonderful! I have had steady employment for almost 10 years. I’ve been able to purchase a home and 2 vehicles and my work schedule has been flexible to spend time with my family and friends."
Ynes L. – Sacramento, CA

"IOS has been very consistent, reliable and responsive to my job search. A few years ago, IOS got me my favorite job ever and I has hired there. I am currently on an assignment that is the most money I have ever been paid."
Cynthia B. – Santa Ana, CA

"IOS placed me on a temporary position within 1 day or my application. I have been working steadily for 12 weeks."
Bonnie P. – Glendale, WI

"IOS has provided me with excellent temps and hiring prospects as a manager, and they just placed me in my current management position, which I really love. I don’t know of a better resource for the working insurance industry than IOS"
Robert P. – Simi Valley, CA

"Working for IOS is great! The staff is great, too. IOS has given me a chance to get back into the working world. It’s nice to have an employer who cares."
Amy B. – Milwaukee, WI

"IOS placed me on a long term assignment and 2 days prior to the assignment ending, they had another assignment for me to accept. The IOS staff is both professional and courteous, and provides individual attention as needed. IOS not only works diligently with their clients but also with employees to provide the perfect fit for employment."
Monneca D. – Houston, TX

"IOS is the best staffing company. The staff goes the extra mile to help find the best job to place me in. The staff is very friendly and helpful to help me achieve my goals."
Tanisha M. – Richmond, VA

"I consider IOS the best staffing company around. I have worked with IOS for several years and they have always been very helpful, professional, courteous and most of all, have kept me working!"
Ernestine H. – Lancaster, TX

"I have been employed with IOS since 2003. I am very proud to be part of this great and exciting group of people. The benefit package, earned days off and salary have been rewarding to me and my family. Being with IOS has opened so many doors for me. We were able to fund part of my daughter’s college education by having two incomes in our home. Thanks for being there for our family."
June L. – Somerville, NJ

"The IOS staff has been very professional, timely, helpful and thorough in their search for an employment situation that best matches my desired expectations. Specifically, I was impressed with the evaluation process and the staff member’s personal commitment to find the best fit for me. This kind of dedication makes IOS stand apart from other agencies. I will recommend IOS to other professionals in need of employment assistance. Thank you for everything!"
Sandra H. – Granada Hills, CA

"I have been employed through IOS for more than 9 years. I am very satisfied with all 5 companies with whom I have been assigned. The benefits are great and the IOS staff is always prompt and courteous in responding any inquiries."
Tinley Park, IL

"I’ve temped for IOS on a continuous basis for 4 years and my experience has been exceptionally successful. The assignments I’ve been given have been solid with potential. IOS comes through every time. Thank you."
Vicky B. – Pembroke Pines, FL

"IOS is a professional operation that knows the business I am in. Their service has always been quick, courteous and competent. I’m completely happy with IOS."
Robert C. – Hicksville, NY

"IOS provides fast, professional results. Being out of work is never easy and IOS goes all out to reduce the down time."
Ken B. – Sherman Oaks, CA

"I have never been so satisfied about service the way that I have been with IOS. The staff makes me feel right at home and explained in detail all that IOS offers. I am so grateful."
Shelia H. – Charlotte, NC

"I like the flexibility working temporary assignments gives me. I can choose to work or not work when it is convenient for me. I also going to different companies and learning new information that helps me with future assignments. Temporary work allows me to improve my skills and keep them current. The variety keeps me proficient as a claims handler and makes me more marketable."
Jackie H. – Carmel, IN

"IOS does an excellent job. I am very pleased with everything. Thanks."
Jacinta W. – Milwaukee, WI

"IOS has assisted me in obtaining career goals by consistently providing well thought out and informed placement choices along with both personal and professional support and guidance."
Michael F. – Fall River, MA

"I have worked for IOS since 1991. The staff has always been helpful in every way possible, and many have become good and trusted friends. My assignments have been well matched to my abilities, and tend to be long term. I hope to be working with IOS for a long time!"
Carolyn M. - Shady Shores, TX

"When I applied with IOS I really didn’t have high expectations. But I was placed in a position within 2 weeks and it is now 2 ½ years later and I will have been working non stop. The payroll system is simple and flawless and my check is sent by direct deposit every week. This job with IOS has been one of the most enjoyable positions I have had. Thanks for everything."
Tom P. – Louisville, KY

"The staff at IOS is the greatest, always very helpful, and polite. They return my calls within a timely manner. IOS is a professional staffing service providing professional attitudes and qualities."
Bobbie Y. – Minneapolis, MN

"I want to let you know how enjoyable it was working with your offices! It is nice to know there is a professional organization like IOS. Everything you did was first class, right down to your client base. I will definitely refer my friends to your organization."
Renee P. – Temecula, CA

"I’ve worked with IOS since 2000. I choose to only work as a temporary employee. IOS consistently listens to my requirements for jobs and professionally follows through on any assignment. I am part of IOS’ team and IOS is part of my family."
Eleanor R. – Marietta, GA

"My experience with IOS was nothing short of professional, courteous and effective. Finding myself in this position after 20 years of working for one company was devastating. IOS was sympathetic to my needs and found me a position rather quickly. They offered direct deposit, medical benefits and 401K options."
Annemarie Z. – Hicksville, NY

"IOS gives me back-to-back assignments and downtime days so I always receive a full paycheck. They give me what I value most: a steady income."
Linda C. – Riverside, CA

"All of the people I came into contact with at IOS were friendly and helpful. They were able to find a terrific position that was a great fit for both me and the client."
Suzanne E. – Glendale Heights, IL

"I was skeptical about registering with another agency. But I was happy I did register with IOS – they are different. I’m very pleased to say that IOS stands by their word. They are professional, polite and care about their workers and their needs."
Nicole R. – Brunswick, OH

"IOS has been very supportive and instrumental in placing me in positive growth oriented positions. I greatly appreciate their ability to place me quickly when a job ends. Working with IOS is an ongoing pleasure!"
Sheila S. – Phoenix, AZ

"I have worked for IOS for around 3 years. IOS has been successful keeping me at work. They have placed me at high profile employment on long term assignments! I am very happy with the assignments and I would note IOS as one of the top staffing services. They care about their people."
Clarice S. - Lithonia, GA