Insurance Overload Staffing
Insurance Overload Staffing
Insurance Overload Staffing


Founded in 1983, Insurance Overload Staffing has grown to be the largest insurance-specific staffing business in North America, serving 58 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The officers and managers of IOS are career insurance personnel. They come from the insurance industry, and they lead the industry in staffing services due to extraordinary concentration on our Quality Screening Verification (QSV) system. No one in insurance recruiting and temporary personnel goes farther, invests more, or does it better than IOS.

Insurance Overload Staffing brings professionalism to the recruiting and placing of experienced personnel in claims, underwriting, customer service, clerical, and all other occupations within the insurance industry. IOS is the most experienced full service agency in North America capable of dealing in the technical and support skill sets for:

Property and Casualty
Workers' Compensation
HMO, PPO, IPO and other Managed Care lines
Individual and Group Health, Dental & Vision
Life and Disability


The personnel of the insurance industry have come to appreciate the high quality of employment opportunities of Insurance Overload Staffing. Over 7,000 insurance employees go on the payroll of IOS each year. Over 800 candidates of IOS are hired by insurance employers per year. With a staff of 160 career insurance professionals, IOS goes more extra miles in the insurance job market and has better, more useful benefits, than anyone else in the field.